Using Twitter to Generate Meaningful Client and New Business Conversations

A little bit about Twitter based on our client work . 

The challenge you face includes:

  • The best and most valuable clients are increasingly time pressed
  • They are also more aggressively seeking out truly expert problem-solving solutions
  • More and more of their life  is being managed using their smart phones, 24/7
  • You cannot depend on them sitting down and using a computer to access your information, intellectual property (IP) and problem-solutions.
  • You must reach them, where THEY are at - RIGHT NOW.

The first step is engaging the best clients in MEANINGFUL PERSOINAL CONVERSATIONS.

To generate meaningful conversations, you need to:

  • get your high-value IP to interested people
  • to trigger serious conversations
  • about using your “solutions” to solve problems
  • right now

For our clients, we use Twitter to generate serious conversations either by phone or in person.  Our client’s goal is to get hired to solve business problems.

Twitter is the best way to:

  • reach people real-time, 24/7
  • on their phones = anywhere/anytime
  • with a quick experience of their expert IP
  • this can drive further action and meaningful conversations

Twitter is also easy to use.  The principal is that you send out text messages to which you can attach pretty much anything - a pdf, document, short video, link to your site.

We can get your started productively on Twitter.